“Window Popping!”…Elise of Dressopotamia!

“Window Popping”…Elise of Dressopotamia!

This is Elise. She’s one of the smartest, stylish & sassiest women you’ll ever get the pleasure of meeting. She also has one of the most entertaining blogs I’ve seen in a long time- Dressopotamia.┬áBuckle up for a wild ride through her closet of vintage, poppy, mod dresses that any gal would be jealous of! Not to mention her insightful and amusing analysis of print & pattern & fit. And just like I do with my paintings, Elise has a witty name for each one of her dresses- how can you not love that? She’s a total fashion riot, so of course I had to paint her in one of her amazing frocks! So go check her out. Now. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll probably spend the rest of your day reading about her awesome technicolor dream of a closet! xoxo

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